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Forek: Militia Leader. Dverg Male.

 Before Forek was hired to lead them, the Skyton Militia were just another bunch of poorly equipped and untrained volunteers: much like the militia of every other town in the Greater Lagoon Network. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that kind of operation. Most towns keep bandits and predators away easily enough just with the threat of an armed defence. But Forek isn’t a Dverg to do things in half measures. 

When Governor Ruug hired him, Forek took the job on two conditions: Firstly, that the Militia would be given a budget to hire a core of full time soldiers and equipment (which would never be sent to the Pentangle). Secondly, that he’d get free rein in how he trained and organised them. Ruug had big plans for Skyton, and realised that establishing the town as the trade hub of the Greater Lagoon Network would make it a big target for raiders and thieves. He was absolutely right, and there hasn’t been a day Ruug regretted the decision to put Forek in charge.

Forek: Militia Leader is a multi-part, lead free, metal miniature supplied with a 30mm plastic base.

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