Here are all the cards you need for The Drowned Earth, completely free! 

Included are the profile cards for all models (including wave 1), Leader Ability Cards and the seven "core" Effect Cards which were free with Kickstarter. 

Additionally, there is now a Mantis Dismount profile for Kaneda mounted! 

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Allen Barton on 24th Jun 2019

Great that all the cards are free to download. Allows me to print however I want

Free cards

Christoph Asmus on 28th Mar 2019

This is a perfect way to stay updated with the game.

Recent order review

Greg Heath on 26th Jan 2019

Now that I have received my order, I can do a proper review. The order took a bit to receive, but part of that was James waiting for more Ando sculpts to come in. I wasn't in a big hurry anyway, as I still had other TDE to finish painting. I love the models, they are great! The packaging was good, though as I've discussed with James, the card for the model should be in the back of the blister pack, as the one with the Yuttaraptors was on the inside and got some indentations on it from the heavy models banging against it. That issue seems to be resolved, which will be better for the cards and for viewing the card easier at game stores. The newer card, I believe it was Ando, felt thicker and better quality. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come. My only real disappointment, was that mounted Nix didn't come with the updated version of the character card. I can't recall of there were any changes to the dinosaurs, but I'll have to check. I would hope moving forward, the latest versions of the cards will be included in future orders from the TDE site. I can see that the sets already at FLGS will have the older versions though, but get newer versions as they restock. I love this game and my complaints are minor quibbles meant to help improve things in the future.