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Jorra, Bondsman Mech. Male Human. 

Keep your eyes down and your head up, Gersla’s mother always taught her. Life as a plantation slave was a mixture of back breaking work, dehumanisation and brutality. Born in to such a life Gersla knew no different, but something deep inside made her feel that something was terribly wrong. 

Made to work from the age of five, many of the other field slaves of her age did not survive. Some were taken by wild animals, others fell ill and yet more were crushed by the violent treatment and oppressive work. Gersla had little time to mourn them though, and even less inclination. Her life was about survival, especially after her mother was sold. If it were not for her mother she would have never known what love was; now she was alone she cursed the knowledge of it.

Her strength was noted, and after several years she was taken from the plantations to work as a salvage slave, mining for artefacts in the Virugu Tangle. There she learned jungle lore and the value of friendship. She became very close to one of the climbers, a spirited human named Anara. Life was good, but it had given Gersla a glimpse of how much more it had to offer. She and Anara plotted their escape. They would run to the Thousand Isles and take work on a salvage ship until they had enough money to build a cabin on an abandoned island and retire.

But the Plantation Council did not tolerate escapees. The Bondsmen were sent after them, and after a spirited fight where Gersla killed one of Limossk's top recruits. He was angry and impressed in equal measure, and made her a deal: she belonged to him, or Anara would suffer the consequences..

Jorra, Bondsman Mech. Male Human. is a multi-part metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free, and comes supplied with a 30mm base and profile card.

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