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Hosk, Firm Tough. Male Berengeii. 

For as long as anyone can remember Hosk has been terrorising the Downtown district of Skyton.

Boss Kassel, the local crime lord, employed Hosk as a runner and messenger boy. As he grew older and stronger his talents for intimidation and cruelty marked him out for a higher position in the organisation. Hosk served as a foot soldier and protection collector, and for a while was a trusted member of Kassel’s organisation. However, the combination of his uncontrollable temper and an addictive personality led him once again in to trouble.

After beating a shop keeper to death instead of following orders, and frightening him instead, Hosk was banished to The River Crew- a Firm gang notorious for antisocial and uncontrollable members.

Hosk, Firm Tough is a multi-part metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free, and comes supplied with a 40mm base and profile card.

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