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Juchita, Militia Medic. Human Female. 

Juchita was born in the Virugu Tangle, to the Khonef Tribe: a community founded four generations ago from slaves escaping the Plantation Council. The founders decided, from the beginning, that their society would have no contact with the outside world. So Juchita grew up only barely aware that a world outside the tangle existed. To the north the Khonef sometimes battled with a tribe of Sorrians over territory, and occasionally she saw strange travellers, but it was forbidden to speak with them. 

Amongst the youth, however, different stories were told: stories of danger and death, certainly—but also of excitement and adventure! They told of metal monsters, of stringless bows which shot shards of fire, of great villages illuminated by a million points of glass-trapped light. In idle moments, Juchita dreamed of exploring such places but supposed, in reality, that she never would. In the end, however, the opportunity was forced upon her.

It was the middle of the monsoon when a lone, half dead Berengeii staggered in to their village and collapsed. There was great debate amongst her people if they should help him, but they decided, eventually, they would. Alas, he came from a neighbouring village, where most of his family had been captured by slavers. He set off on a journey to rescue them, and Juchita snuck off to join him! They eventually enlisted the help of the Skyton Militia, and Juchita has been with them ever since. 

Juchita, Militia Medic is a multi-part, lead free, metal miniature supplied with a 30mm plastic base.

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