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Kraytssk: Militia Mech. Sorrian Male.

Joining the Skyton Miltia was the best thing that could have ever happened to Kraytssk, as far as his father was concerned. After all, what the hell else was the boy good for? The scrapes Kraytssk got himself in to were good natured rather than delinquent, but his reputation as a no-hoper was sealed from an early age. By the age of 16 he was a passable mechanic, but struggled to find work  as, by now, his hopeless antics were notorious. For some years he lounged around, taking the odd bit of light repair work where he could, but otherwise wasting time in Skyton’s bars and tapshacks.

However, circumstance gave him the break which changed his life and set him on the straight-and-narrow. News came in that a petrol-powered river schooner had broken down upstream. The Militia's usual Mechanic was out of town, and so Forek took a chance and brought Kraytssk along. The schooner was indeed in big trouble. The gear coupling was shot, and so Kraytssk had to work fast, bypassing the drive coupling with a makeshift rig, to give the craft thrust. During the repairs, Raiders attacked, and Kraytssk had to work under both pressure and gunfire! Forek was impressed by the boy’s skills and composure and saw the benefits of hiring a full time mechanic. His future with the Skyton Militia was sealed. 

Kraytssk: Militia Mech is a multi-part, lead free, metal miniature supplied with a 30mm plastic base.

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