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Lissz, Firm Scout. Sorrian Female. 

A graduate of the prestigious Varakaj Academy, Lissz is a slave, at least for the next five years. Her tutelage cost ten years of her freedom, as academy graduates are sold to their new owners for a considerable sum, on the promise of ten years of loyal service, after which they are free. Lissz is a trained assassin, and it’s a mystery to most as to why such an expensive and effective tool has been assigned to the notorious River Crew. Nobody knows how much Boss Kassel paid for Lissz, but whatever the figure, most agree that he must value her job in the River Crew very highly, whatever it may be.

Kaneda views Lissz with a mixture of resentment and suspicion, convinced in his arrogance, that she has been sent to spy on him. Despite the fact he is often heard to boast that Kassel paid a “Million Credits” as a bodyguard for him. Lissz herself is professionally silent on the subject although she is silent on most subjects. Nonetheless she makes no attempt to hide her disdain for Kaneda, and treats him with the bare minimum respect she deems him owed for his position as her apparent superior.

Her true motivations, thoughts on her position, and reason for her allocation to the River Crew, remain a mystery to all.

Lissz, Firm Scout is a multi-part metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free, and comes supplied with a 30mm base and profile card.

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