This is a special pre-order bundle of our upcoming tokens and templates. The set includes: 

1. Blast Templates: Teardrop, large blast and small blast templates, in fluorescent orange acrylic.

2. Silhouette Templates: silhouettes A, B, C, D and E, in yellow acrylic. 

3. Resource Tokens:

  • X20 Action Point tokens in fluorescent green.
  • x20 Wound tokens in blood red. (Not photographed but similar in design to the Action Point Tokens). NOT YET PHOTOGRAPHED 

4. x24 Condition tokens in Fluorescent Red (3 of each: Stealth, Swim, Flame, Prone, Down, Slow, Blind, Climb).


These tokens are custom designed in-house to reflect the aesthetic of TDE with more elaborate and thematically appropriate design and engraving. Additionally, the Resource and Condition tokens are a little larger and chunkier than the third party tokens you may have already seen, and feature words rather than symbols, to avoid confusion.

You will also notice a few new token types: "down", to represent the Down health state, and Blind, for the "Blind" negative condition. 

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