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Venk, Firm Medic. Half-Dverg Male. 

A figure of mystery, Papa Venk is an elderly and wizened Half-Dverg. For years he lived as a hermit in various parts of the Five Lakes District- no light achievement considering the dangerous wildlife of the area.

In to his thick beard he has plaited the bones and teeth of animals he has hunted. His clothes are also ornamented with trinkets and strange talismans he has acquired over the years, and in all he has the look of a crazed person who has seen the ‘other side’.
But behind the insane chatter, the constant chewing of narcotic mushrooms and the evil grin lie the glittering eyes of a sharp intelligence.
Those who have seen them together will know that even Boss Kassel treats Venk with respect. The little Dverg has something of an aura about him – other gangers fear him and only the foolish mock him behind his back. Those that mock him to his face suffer no immediate consequence, but are found dead of some mysterious cause some time later…

The firms have many unusual characters in their ranks, but perhaps Papa Venk is the most enigmatic, and perhaps even the most dangerous.

Venk, Firm Medic is a multi-part metal wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The model is lead free, and comes supplied with a 30mm base and profile card.

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