Below are (or will appear) the scenario and player material links for the Winter Campaign 2018-19. 

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Application Form

Player Campaign Sheet

Game Submission Form


Faction Subplot Rewards

Artefacters Reward A

Artefacters Reward B


Firm Reward A

Firm Reward B


Militia Reward A

Militia Reward B


Bondsmen Reward A

Bondsmen Reward B


Wayfarer Reward A

Wayfarer Reward B


If you are about to play Scenario 4 and have not completed your Subplot B then download Subplot C2 for your faction:  


Artefacters Reward C2

Firm Reward C2

Militia Reward C2

Bondsmen Reward C2

Wayfarer Reward C2


Custom Objective/Achievement Rewards 

Please note, not every achievement has a downloadable reward. Most have in-scenario effects instead. 

Serum Investigated

It Belongs in a Museum