Rules FAQ's and Errata

These official Errata will be updated periodically. The date of the last update will be included in the section header. 

Rules Changes 2020

The second printing of the TDE rulebook includes one rules change only. If your rulebook is copyright 2020 then it reflects this change already. If you have a first printing, the following change applies: 

1. Dice Results. p.14.

Rolling a Double which is under your Attribute no longer has a special effect. In other words, it no longer generates a Feat. Rolling a double above your Attribute still results in a Blunder. 

This change is for competitive and organised play. At home you are welcome to play in "narrative mode", using the old rules for Feats. 


Additionally, there is a Weapon Property name-change. 

2. Rend.

The name of Rend has been changed to Sunder. This is reflected in the latest digital versions of all cards, and the new rulebook. It will also be represented in future editions of printed cards (copyright 2020, with round borders). 



In the second printing of the rulebook, copyright 2020, The Dice Results tables on pages X and Y omit the Feat Symbol. They should be replaced with the following table also see the Rules Change 2020 section above: 


Card ERRATA (06-09-21): 

Kassel (printed and PDF version): 

  • Tech Bow should have range 10-16


Firing Positions (printed and PDF version):

  • Rules text should read "While this leader is conscious all friendly Militia Models are immune to Knockdown and if they have Overwatch also gain +1 Agility. 


CARD ERRATA (11-01-19):

This errata is for square bordered, printed cards with copywright 2018. 



  • (Inferno Pack Ranged) should read Fire(2) not Flame(2)
  • (Inferno Pack Melee) should read Fire(2) not Flame(2)



  • (Shotgun) should be Range 8/12 and Damage 2/4


Nix Mounted 

  • (Bite) should NOT have Rend(1)



  • CC weapon should be called “Talons” (stats are correct)



  • (Headbutt!) should have Knockdown.



  • CC (Bo) damage : 2/2



  • CC (Punch Tusks) damage: 3/5

Forek Mounted

  • The Load Lifter should have 5 wound symbols, not none!