Join the Wayfarers

Join the Wayfarers

Do you love The Drowned Earth? Are you passionate about spreading the word, introducing the game to others, and spreading your knowledge and enthusiasm around your local gaming group, and further afield?  


We hereby introduce you to the Wayfarer’s Programme! Wayfarers are a voluntary group of hardcore TDE enthusiasts who have taken it upon themselves to roam the wilds, preaching the word to the uninitiated or curious! 

As a Wayfarer your responsibilities include: 

  • Growing and nurturing an enthusiastic, active and healthy TDE community in your local area.
  • Giving demos in your local gaming group, stores, and even further afield. 
  • Organising tournaments and events. 
  • Promoting the game online by sharing content, either your own or that of other hobbyists. 
  • Representing the TDE brand, and encouraging people to get involved.   


But it’s not all work work work! In exchange, you will have access to a special Wayfarer forum where you'll see things from the "inside", including information about new releases, rules and plans we are hatching! 

Organised Play Packs will also have a number of special perks just for you, including an exclusive dice and token pack, and copy of the Organised Play exclusive sculpt for that year. 

Finally, provided you've done a qualifying amount of "Wayfaring" you’ll be entered in to several prize draws depending on the type and quantity of promotional work you've undertaken.