Campaign Prologue


Great Mznuua… one week ago…

Ink dark night became day as the fiery object roared over Kalla’Qua’s head in a deafening smear of destructive power. Reflexes sharpened by years of forest dangers flung her to the ground as surely as if she had been charged by a Jungle Trike. The roar ended in a cataclysmic explosion as the fireball tore in to the mountainside. Trees bent in the shockwave. A blizzard of vegetation fluttered and eddied around her for several seconds, before falling calmly to the ground. 

In the distance Kalla’Qua could see the glow of the impact. She watched it expand for several seconds before realising it had punched a hole in the side of the mountain itself, and pouring from that hole was a river of cherry red, molten rock.

Between her and that hellish chasm, however, was a scattering of burning debris, dotting the mountainside like glowing stars. 

“Others will come to investigate” she thought to herself. “I must warn my people…”


Almost a week ago a great fireball was seen falling from the sky, to strike the volcano known as Great Mznuua. Since then, the mountain has been restless, belching out palls of black smoke and rumbling ominously. 

For the villagers who live in the wake of the mountain, it is a time of danger and heightened alertness. At a moment’s notice they can ready themselves to abandon their homes, and flee from danger. 

However, a village of Sorrians reported something even more noteworthy. They claim that debris fell from the fireball, near their village, and that the debris was technological in nature. 

Now, Mznuua is the scene of scared villagers fleeing from the mountain while tech-hungry treasure hunters run towards it, eschewing the obvious danger at the promise of potential riches…

You and your crew are one such group!

However, discovering what the falling object truly was, and retrieving any technology you find there, is only part of your agenda! Each Faction has a secondary objective, which will be sent to you on registering for the Campaign. 


Kaneda’s eyes narrowed as the Sorrian chieftain prostrated himself before him. Well, perhaps it wasn’t so much of a prostration. More of a headlock really. Kaneda grinned internally while trying to look stern. Hosk wasn’t good for much, but his headlock technique was second to none… provided he didn’t pop the poor chief’s head right off. 

“Tell me again. Slowly this time” he drawled lazily. 

“The star fell right over the village, and crashed in the mountain, to the West. The fallen shards are to the North West of here- over the river, but before the rocks of Tanna: an outcropping of boulders shaped like a…. pile of boulders.”

Kaneda tried to narrow his eyes further. This resulted in him being able to see nothing at all. 

“Are you mocking me, lizard?!”

“No sir!” the chief croaked, gripping Hosk’s furry arm in an attempt to keep breathing. 

“And what of the secret cave your people talk of?” he asked. “The one with glittering treasures?!”

“You must be confusing us with a neighbouring tribe” he said. “We tell no stories of a glittering cave”. 

Hosk shot his boss an enquiring look. Kaneda noted that it was uncharacteristically clever of him to do so. He shook his head, and the Berengeii released his captive, who fell to the ground, gasping. 

Of course the lying wretch didn’t deserve to live, but Kaneda was feeling in a rare merciful mood. Either that or he decided the fellow might be useful later…

But now, in to the Jungle!