Ulaya Chronicles FAQ and Errata

Ulaya Chronicles Errata:


Rulebook P.20 Shoot (Enemy):

Remove “to dodge out of Base to Base” from the third paragraph. 



Rulebook P.8 “Cleanup Phase”

replace with the following:

In the Cleanup Phase you will remove all unused AP’s, tidy up the play area and reshuffle decks. 



Focus Challenge Cards

The first paragraph is wrong for the Scout, Marksman, and Brawler Focus Challenge Cards. 

Instead of "Keep track how many wounds you saved" : 

  • The Marksman and Brawler should say “Keep track of how many Enemies you have killed”
  • The Scout should say “Keep track of how many Enemies you have Recognised”


Ulaya Chronicles FAQ:


Campaign Guide p.5 “XP & upgrades”

Q. The rules state “You may only purchase one Upgrade Card of each colour/symbol”. Is this per purchase or in total?

A. In total.



Shoot (Enemy) p. 20:

Q. Can Characters react with a Dodge, even if not in B2B?

A. Yes.