Forek Mounted: Militia Leader

Forek: Mounted Dverg Leader Forek just isn’t the kind of guy to run around on someone elses legs, or to trust his safety to a belligerent animal! He likes to trust his own reflexes and skill,...
Hawk: Lone Soldier

Hawk: Lone Soldier

Hawk isn’t much of a team player, but if you’re sick of getting taken down by annoying dinos Hawk is your guy! Dino- Hunter plus machette equals raptor steak for dinner!...

Kalen, Militia trickster

Kalen, Militia trickster. Panya Female.  Renowned as traders and travelling mechanics, Ponya are not often found in fighting bands such as the Militia. However, Ulaya is a dangerous place, and...

Mara: Militia Leader

Mara: Everyone knows it: Forek is the leader of the Skyton Militia. However, he can’t be everywhere at once, and when he needs someone he can trust, Mara is his first port of call. An expert...

Militia Faction Starter Box

This starter set for the Militia Faction contains 5 metal miniatures: Forek, Hove, Ranelle, Kraytssk and Juchita, and all their profile cards. Each model is also supplied with an appropriately sized...