180 pages, full colour Hardback. 

In addition to the rules, replete with full page illustrations, diagrams and charts, this rulebook contains everything you need to know about the land of Ulaya, the setting for The Drowned Earth miniatures game. A detailed map, character biographies, descriptions of locations, governments, geographical information and all the major races.

This beautiful book isn’t just a manual aid for how to play the game, but your guide to The Drowned Earth universe!

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Stonking read!

Andrew Wilcock on 21st Sep 2019

The main rules are well laid out section by section, so while it can appear daunting at first, they all quickly fit together once you get the hang of the dice mechanic and the turn structure, and any book checking is quickly and easily done. The second half is an engrossing look into the setting of The Drowned Earth, it's lands, peoples, their daily lives and the wildlife that call it home. It contains just enough information to get your imagination running with ideas without stifling it under excessive details. I am eagerly awaiting additional supplements, and can't help wonder how well the system would lend itself to an RPG...