How do I sign up? 

Download the Application Form HERE, and send it to winter.campaign@thedrownedearth.com


How long are the rounds? 

Rounds will be 3 weeks each, in which time you’ll be asked to play one game and paint no more than 2 models.


Can I start half way through? 

Sure! Of course your games from rounds which are already completed won’t count towards your faction total, but once you’re caught up every game you play will count.


Can I play unpainted?

Yes, but you will receive a -1 Initiative penalty to all your Initiative rolls when any of your models are unpainted.



Can I play multiple games each round? 

Yes! This is a great way to ensure other players get a game each round. We are scoring each faction on its win/loss percentage, not the actual number of wins/losses. So you can rack up several results in the system. However, You should only gain rewards and Faction Achievement Events for your FIRST game each round.


What happens if I miss a round?

 Nothing! You’ll be behind, but you can keep playing. Either get someone to face off against you in a catch-up game or just skip the round and record the next one instead. 

How do I let you know my game results?