Clever Girl Kickstarter Now Live!


Clever Girl Kickstarter Now Live!

Posted by -Mertaal ,19th Sep 2023

New Kickstarter!

Introducing Dinosaur Whisperers! While the releases of the past few years have expanded the range this release comes with some exciting new rules and a new model Role: the “Whisperer”!

I’ll cut to the chase. Imagine you could take a model which gives access to a completely new “faction only” version of your favourite dino type? Those dinos would have faction-coloured cards and would benefit from “friendly models of the same faction” synergies which exclude mercenary dinos. They are also an improved version of the regular type- either cheaper, more effective or both! Oh, and you can probably take more of them too…

What’s more, imagine that model could command those dinosaurs in exactly the same way as your leader can command Characters? AND had a synergy skill which made them even more effective!

The Lineup

Each pledge level buys you the Whisperer of your choice and a special unreleased sculpt of their dino type. You can grab a bargain by pledging for all five, but if you want several you can select any of them as add-ons. More about add-ons later.

Lyra: Artefacter Whisperer.

This tough old dinosaur trainer brooks no nonsense in her peerless tutoring of Artefacter Troodons which prove excellent guard-dinos for dig sites and warehouses. She allows Troodons to break the “Alternate Activation” core rule and activate consecutively!

Tanto: Firm Whisperer.

If you’ve ever seen a member of the criminal enterprise known as “The Firm” there’s a chance they had an Oviraptor enforcer. And there’s a strong chance that Oviraptor was trained by the ruthless Tanto.

Tanto allows his Oviraptors to deploy, with him, using the infiltration rule as though they were scouts.

Jalai: Militia Whisperer

The Militia are all about ranged combat, and so Jalai favours Dilophosors! They have the Run-and-Gun skill, meaning they can dodge when they hit in ranged combat. When near her they can dodge even further, allowing you to shoot and disappear behind cover!

Chaak: Bondsmen Whisperer

We all know an enemy is easier to capture when they’re knocked down, so it’s unsurprising that the Bounty Hunters of The Drowned Earth favour Domeheads. Chaak trains Domeheads, and these Domeheads are a truly fearsome bunch. Their knockdown triggers whether they win in combat or not! Ouch…

Rhum: Corsairs Whisperer

The pirates of The Drowned Earth favour the pack-tactics of the murder-chickens known to most as Sinoraptors. Therefore the Corsairs Whisperer, Rhum, breeds a special, more venomous strain of Sino. As well as the Sinos you purchase at list-building Rhum allows you to deploy a number of “Ambush Tokens” at the start of the game which each have a 50% chance of turning into a completely free Sinoraptor!

What about the Wayfarers?

Well, as you probably know by now the Wayfarers have joined forces with the Corsairs, meaning that all Corsair releases can be used with a Whisperer list and are considered the same faction. So your go-to guy is Rhum.