Kickstarter Page Backup


Kickstarter Page Backup

Posted by ,19th Sep 2023
Kickstarter Page Backup

Kickstarter seems to be having problems... so for those of you who can't see anything on the page itself, or have missing images, here is a stable version: 

Ok, you’re enticed but you need to know more. Of course you do! There are several things you can do.

Check out a brief guide to the game HERE

Check out a brief guide to the setting HERE

Now, you’ve probably decided on the faction you want to play, right? So pledge for the Whisperer belonging to that Faction, and then in the Add-On section scroll to the bottom and select the “New Player Bundle”. We will automatically send you the faction starter box to match the Whisperer you pledged for plus a pack of official dice.

All you need to play is a faction starter box, a whisperer, and some dice. (You can download the PDF rules HERE).

Why Kickstarter?

Well, the reason is simple. We are a small company and although we've been promoting The Drowned Earth for a number of years Kickstarter still represents the best chance we have to market our game to a new audience and reconnect with our existing customer base.

Your pledges keep the game alive in a very real way. Thank you so much for your support.

Risks and challenges

This isn't my first rodeo. In order to offset risks to the schedule and viability of the project I've eliminated all Chinese production from this kickstarter- no 2D printed materials at all. This should make the project much faster to deliver. We are working on local manufacture in three hubs- UK, USA and EU. If we have enough Australian and NZ backers then we will use another hub in Australia. However, if any of these manufacturing hubs fall through we have ensured the products are light enough that we can freight ship to our fulfilment hubs without too much additional cost. Additionally we have built this contingency into our timescale.

Environmental commitments

Environmentally friendly factories

These models are 3D printed master-copies, and thus have very little wastage in the manufacturing process. What's more, we are not providing retail packaging with this kickstarter in order to keep the cost to both the consumer and planet low.

Sustainable Distribution

Where possible we are using local manufacturing in our main hubs in the USA, EU and UK to reduce the carbon footprint of this project and avoid expensive and lengthy shipping times.