Planters Season Scenario 1 now live!


Planters Season Scenario 1 now live!

Posted by James Baldwin ,14th Sep 2019
Planters Season Scenario 1 now live!

I suspect, when most of you think about what kind of life you would lead, if you were thrown in to the world of Ulaya, farming wouldn't be your first pick. 

But even farming is an exciting and dangerous business in the paddy fields and mountain terraces of The Drowned Earth! In "Hazardous Planting", a scenario by Shawn Galligan, you're competing against 1-3 opponents to grab the best farm land, and plant the choicest crops. Of course, you can steal crops from other players, and kill off their precious farmers. Booo!!! Mean... 

Mean, but fun! 

This is the first of two official Planters Season scenarios we will be releasing. Both of them have a special, online component. Submit your results to help your faction. The faction which did the best in each scenario will win a special Effect Card, which will be Faction Specific (a sneaky preview of the expanded and improved effect card deck, which should be with us around Xmas time...). 

You can download the scenario HERE. 

And the submission form is linked in the scenario document. 

So, who's going to play? How many friends can you get around the table? And most importantly of all, are you going to submit a battle report to Youtube, or our Facebook Page?!