New Releases: Forek… Mounted?!


New Releases: Forek… Mounted?!

Posted by mertaal ,3rd Sep 2017
New Releases: Forek… Mounted?!

During the Kickstarter we managed to unlock the mounted versions of both Nix, leader of the Artefacters, and Kaneda, the leader of the Firm. However, the Militia and Bondsmen weren’t so lucky. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a state of affairs which can’t go on forever!

Having said that, Forek just isn’t the kind of guy to run around on someone elses legs, or to trust his safety to a belligerent animal! He likes to trust his own reflexes and skill, and needs a suitable conveyance which will fulfil these foibles.

It took Kraytssk three months of solid work to cobble together Forek’s load-lifter from an ancient chassis he found in a cave at the fork of the Red River. It took another four months to hone the vehicle to Forek’s exact specifications! And thus I bring you, Forek Mounted!

While we might not think of the Militia as the Close Combat specialists of The Drowned Earth the Load Lifter brings another tool kit to their arsenal.

As well as providing Forek with reliable, if slow, movement it is armed with a devastatingly powerful hydraulic pincer arm, easily capable of crushing a dinosaur skull, if given the chance. On his other arm Forek has a large flamer. Additionally the Lifter can be armed with short range, but powerful, Smoke or Frag Grenades.

All of this amounts to the kind of close range combat ability the Bondsmen would be envious of. As the vehicle does not, like other cavalry during a dismount, split off and become a model in its own right, all of this additional power comes at a fairly reasonable price in comparison to the other Mounted models, meaning that the mounted version of Forek is a bit easier to justify, even at lower points levels.

One question undoubtedly on everyone’s lips: what is the huge Trike skull adorning the Load Lifter… and is there a story about it? That, my friends, is a story for another day!

Forek Mounted is expected to be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2018…