The Drowned Earth Winter Campaign


The Drowned Earth Winter Campaign

Posted by mertaal ,1st Nov 2018
The Drowned Earth Winter Campaign

Hello one and all: Welcome to The Drowned Earth Winter “Slow Grow” Campaign!

Are you eager to get your friends involved in TDE? Are you looking for a reason to paint up those beautiful models that have been sitting in blisters since the Kickstarter delivered?

Well, now is the time to get involved in an immersive, worldwide campaign where your games (at home or your local club/store) decide the future of the TDE meta-plot! Represent your favourite Faction, and aid them to dominance!

Build Your Force at a manageable pace

This campaign is a “Slow Grow”, so for now all you need is three models assembled and (preferably) painted to get started. Then, over the course of four 3-week rounds, you will slowly add to your painted crew, for a final showdown at full TDE tournament strength!

At the end of this campaign, not only will you have helped guide the story, found a bunch of cool Easter Eggs, supported your chosen faction in a global competition for glory and… well, mostly glory… but you’ll have a fully painted crew, ready to take along to an Organised Play event!

Player Led, Immersive Story

This campaign is literally chock full of easter eggs, and player choices. As well as the over-arching plot of the campaign itself, each faction has a sub-plot and secondary objective they are trying to complete. After each game you’ll record your results, acquire points for personal and faction achievements, and submit them to us at TDE-HQ. Each round we’ll graph the results, and decide where the story will take us next!

Additionally, we might have a few extra events such as a player-questionnaire to decide certain plot points and decisions, spot-events you’ll need to look out for in-game, with a QR code to follow when they happen (for example, two particular rivals having a show-down, or a specific character fulfilling a personal aim or goal). What’s at the end of the QR code? Who knows! You’ll have to wait and find out.


Winning, losing, achieving Faction goals or even specific in-scenario achievements will give you rewards such as effect cards, keyword triggering achievements, deployment advantages in future games: perhaps even the odd stat or weapon boost for your Characters! In other words, your Crew will progress through the story, racking up advantages and characterful assets, going on a unique journey for ultimate glory!

Is that it?

No! Lots more. You can visit the Winter Campaign Hub HERE