Corsairs Spotlight Part 2:


Corsairs Spotlight Part 2:

Posted by -Mertaal ,21st Sep 2022
Corsairs Spotlight Part 2:


A character designed and conceived by my good friend Eduardo “Lalo” Perez (who designed both the Olmec Games and the new The Drowned Earth logo!).

Well this is becoming a pattern isn’t it? A Close Combat weapon with Reach, combined with Footwork? Pinning down these infernal Corsairs in Close Combat isn’t easy, now is it?!

Uxhi has a fairly poor stat line of straight sixes with toughness 3 and no armour. With only three wounds he’s quite squishy… but if you don’t kill him outright then he’s going to regenerate to full wounds at the start of every turn! (no, this doesn’t happen if he’s unconscious! See the latest FAQ).

And of course anyone with such powers of regeneration is going to make a fine medic, aren’t they? Well, an intelligence of 6 means he’ll be moderately useful in that capacity- the Corsairs don’t particularly shine in their Class Abilities.

Uxhi has Submerge also, meaning he’s mobile and fairly protected while moving in water, which makes up a little for how easy he is to wound. The Tech-Bow is a useful if slightly weak ranged weapon while the Macuahuitl is a decent 2/4 close combat weapon with Reach(1).

When you consider that he costs 16 points though, Uxhi is an inexpensive thorn in the side of an enemy who doesn’t waste time and resources in dealing with him.


A somewhat unusual model in that she has Re-stealth but not Stealth, so while she is a Scout she doesn’t begin the game in stealth leaving her a slightly vulnerable infiltrator. Her stat line is mostly sixes but she’s a 7 in Agility, aiding her mobility and protection when dodging (and yes, she has footwork!).

She’s another squishy model, 3 wounds and 3 toughness only, with no armour. Submerge and Footwork help make up for this.

Re-stealth is a fairly rare skill in the game, and I’m sure we’ve all been the victim of an attack directly from stealth. Noalla’s shock rifle has a very short pass range but a full 18” of Nailed It range. As it inflicts Stun(1) at either range she joins Jibb in the board control stakes. The addition of Spray to her ranged weapon means that within that 8” pass range she’s fairly likely to hit. Being stunned at close range is never fun, especially not by a model with Footwork, who can then step back in to combat with a 2/4 close combat weapon that also inflicts stun(1)!

I’m just going to remind you once again that she could be doing all of this from stealth… multiple times per game. Yuck. At 18 points she’s not the cheapest but she has plenty of utility. I’ve mostly used her to claim objectives and lay in wait for enemies trying to do the same.


The big guy of the Corsair box.

His stat-line doesn’t shine. An agility of 7, a useful toughness of 4 (no armour again… it’s a Corsair thing!). Sixes elsewhere.

Like most Berengeii he has a slightly elevated move, 4/7 in this case, and Mobility Climb.

His weapons (thematically, both representing his Trident, which shoots little daggers!). Reliable if unexciting ranged weapon, max 14” range and 3/3 damage. However, as a Close Combat weapon it has a very handy Reach(2) and a 3/5 damage profile. Not bad at all. And yes, you guessed it! Footwork!

Mach though, has quite an unusual and fun skill: King of the Swingers. In brief it allows him to create Swing Points that may be used by him or other Corsairs, thus aiding their mobility across terrain. This seems especially useful for a model like Jibb who really needs to be in a useful position but is limited by a weak Agility stat.

Mach has 5 wounds and is reasonably expensive at 23 points. I’ve found it easy to drop him in certain lists, as it’s a big chunk of points for troops or a dino-pack, but he typically makes quite an impact in the games I have used him.