Distribution through Warcradle Studios!


Distribution through Warcradle Studios!

Posted by Mertaal ,9th Mar 2020
Distribution through Warcradle Studios!

Well, by now some of you may have seen our announcement on Social Media and through our Newsletter, that we've agreed a worldwide distribution deal through the excellent Warcradle Studios. 

What is Distribution

Ok, a quick lesson on gaming industry supply chains! I am the manufacturer of The Drowned Earth miniatures game. You can, of course, buy the game on this website. But to really get in to the big-leagues and become a "household name" (within our small corner of the market place, anyway) we really need TDE in local stores, where people can see it, become intrigued, and buy in!

Stores can buy directly from me, but there's a problem. In order for it to be economically viable for a manufacturer to sell at a big discount (so that stores can actually make some hard earned money too!) they need to buy in bulk. Most stores are going to struggle to sell enough to put in big orders every month, especially to begin with. 

This is where the Distributor comes in. A distributor buys from me, in big numbers, meaning that I can send out a few huge shipments each month, instead of lots of little ones. They carry not just TDE, but loads of games, meaning that the store can now order in big numbers, because they're not just buying TDE, but loads of other games as well. 

Who are Warcradle Studios?

Warcradle are probably the biggest Wargaming distributor in the UK, are also very big in Europe, and have been making great progress spreading in to the US and Canada. They are manufacturers of Wild West Exodus (and related games), the Dystopian franchise, and latterly, Mythos. They also make an excellent range of MDF scenery and terrain, and distribute big names like Malifaux, Infinity, Warlord Games, Secret Weapon Games (a personal favourite!).

What does this mean?

Well, in brief, it means that TDE is going to see a lot of growth and increased reach over the next 12 months and more! As a small company, marketing and reach are the biggest problem, and with a big company like Warcradle showing belief in TDE, and championing it actively, we expect a lot more people to find out what you know already: 

TDE is the best narrative wargame out there! And dinosaurs.. never forget the dinosaurs! 

What can I do?

That's easy. Talk to your local gaming store, and ask them if they're interested in stocking TDE! Make a commitment to order from the store yourself, convince others to do so and (perhaps most importantly of all) become an active champion of the game in your local area. The best way to do this is by joining the Wayfarer Programme, which you can do HERE

I'm a retailer and interested in stocking TDE

Great! Fire off an email to Aaron at Warcradle: HERE