Drowned Dresden: German Convention!


Drowned Dresden: German Convention!

Posted by -Mertaal ,1st Jul 2022
Drowned Dresden: German Convention!

Ladies and gentlemen, this time next week I shall be Drowned in Dresden! I hope you’ll join me for the first TDE German convention!

Wayfarer Captain Atreju has prepared a programme of events including 10 custom scenarios, showcase games of Ulaya Chronicles, painting and hobbying workshops, casual gaming and of course plenty of socialising (and perhaps the odd beer or three!).

I shall be running a participation fluff writing seminar where I will give some tips and tricks on creativity and creative techniques. we will knock heads and develop a town in The Drowned Earth, fully fleshed out with NPC’s, locations and back-story. This place will feature in the upcoming TDE:RPG! (more on that later, but don’t get too excited- it’s a long term project).

Anyway many thanks to Atreju for organising the event. I’m really looking forward to it, and urge you to check for a last minute travel deal and come along!!!

Tickets are a mere 15 euros and that includes soft drinks.

Send a message to community@thedrownedearth.com to buy a ticket. I can’t wait to see you there!

A word about Models and terrain:

If you can, I want to ask for your support. Please bring some gaming mat or table with terrain alongside with your miniatures. I will provide all my terrain and table setups, but it most probably won’t be enough for all. So, if you can manage to bring something with you, you are more than welcome to do so. If your way of travel is more complicated or has limited space, you shouldn’t feel obliged. Please contact me at the above mentioned mail address to discuss details.

If you travel with public transport, please be aware that mask wearing is mandatory! Apart from that, there are no further restrictions.