Mara: Tactical Deep Dive


Mara: Tactical Deep Dive

Posted by Warchild ,11th Oct 2021
Mara: Tactical Deep Dive

Continuing our Leader Model Tactical Deep Dives, this week by Christian, AKA Warchild:

First things first…I cant’ wait to use Mara. The new militia leader is a fantastic alternative to Forek and provides the Militia with a new tactical approach that they were missing under Forek.

Although she lacks Forek’s capability to transfer command points her command abilities do potentially foreshadow a future of interesting group tacticswith overwatch (can’t wait to see who has this ability – must be someone!) manipulating this skill can help control the spead of the game and allow you more time to get your shots off.

Another big buff is the immunity to knockdown for her and her crew – this is HUGE. It makes it much more difficult for the opponent to move you out of position and break through your firing line. Needless to say you won’t catch Mara’s crew laying down on the job!

As an individual unit; the most notable aspect of her profile is her camouflage capabilities – she’s hard to hit, and hits back even harder with good all round stats. Her shock rifle will unleash a devastating volley; with good distance and stopping power. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Mara at the hands of a good player.

How would I play her? I think her true potential can be unlocked by deploying her in a small squad with Juchita in particular, the solid 7’s or under to hit mixed with the Bushwacker ability giving everyone in 6” headshot (allowing you to re-role the feat dice) gives you a really solid fire team; which with the addition of Mara just got even deadlier. This foundation for a crew will allow Hove to pin down the important targets; whilst leaving enough points spare to still have more than one crack shot on the field.