Q3 release: Ravanna


Q3 release: Ravanna

Posted by mertaal ,10th Sep 2017
Q3 release: Ravanna

As the Q3 announcement period continues please allow me to introduce you to the fourth of our five releases billed for this quarter, Ravanna of the Bondsmen!

Ravanna hates Limossk almost as much as Gersla, although with far less legitimate reason. A wanderer from the South, Ravanna was a lone hunter for years before throwing her lot in with Limossk’s crew. Agile, stealthy and above all else, fast, Ravanna is something of a departure from the typical Bondsmen strategy. While Bondsmen are typically slow and heavily armoured, Ravanna instead relies on silence and secrecy… right up until the last moment.

Like all Bondsmen she is adept in Close Combat, but her ranged weapon of choice are “Quake Grenades”- a low damage explosive device that sends out a shock wave, knocking anyone in its wake to the ground. As she can do this from stealth, revealing herself only at the final moment, it is very hard to protect against. When used in tandem with a charge from a Close Combat ally this can ruin the day of all but the most resilient crew!

Grenades are dangerous at the best of times. Ravanna’s Quake Grenades are home made, There are no prizes for guessing how she lost her arm, however! Her robotic replacement was fitted by Jorra, but at Limossk’s expense. This is a debt Ravanna will be all eager to pay as soon as she is able. Nobody likes being in debt to a person like Limossk…