TDE Official Mat Pre-Order!!


TDE Official Mat Pre-Order!!

Posted by mertaal ,24th Sep 2017
TDE Official Mat Pre-Order!!

TDE Official Mat!!

As many of you have probably seen, I’ve been working with DEEP-CUT STUDIO on an awesome, custom, mousemat material 3×3 mat. It’s an ideal playing surface for our game, replete with submerged buildings, deep water and swampy dry land. There’s plenty of water
So, logistically I can’t keep these in stock and sell them on the website at the moment. They will be available to buy from Deep Cut Studios for €38.90, and the postage costs around €15.

European Pre-order

However, we are organising a one time Pre-Order, which will be shipped to my distribution centre here in the UK and sent out to you with a bit of a saving on the Deep Cut price (of about £47.80 with postage).

US and Canada?

To the US and Canada the Deep Cut price is approximately £65 (€73.40).

I can definitely shave something off that if order numbers are low- to the US, around £54 and to Canada, £59.

However, if numbers were high enough I could look in to domestic US shipping to get the prices closer to the EU mark.

If you’re interested in US or Canadian shipping register your interest below, and I’ll look in to it!