2020 Winter Campaign: Round 2!


2020 Winter Campaign: Round 2!

Posted by James Baldwin ,23rd Dec 2019
2020 Winter Campaign: Round 2!

Round 2 has arrived! 

But first, what happened in Round 1?! Did you miss your round 1 game? It's not too late! You can catch up... or sign up, till round 3. 

As you can see, Carnivore Cove and Pirahna Point were both thoroughly searched, to no avail. However on Carnivore Cove The Firm found some "Loyal Beasts", while the Militia discovered a "Rough Map" on Pirahna Point. Check out the Boon Table below to see what they do!

Going in to Round 2, will you try to search more islands for the treasure? Or will you try to take an existing Boon? Remember, in Round 3, your chances of finding the Artefact greatly depend on how well you have searched that island! For example, if Shipwreck Reef is where the treasure was buried, The Firm would have an excellent chance of finding it! 

Boons and their Holders: 

Two Games Per Round!

You can play two games each round, provided they're on different islands. If you and your opponent want to fight on different islands, flip a coin. Or even better, play two games- one on each island!

Signup and Round Reminders

If you’ve already signed up, you’ll be receiving email reminders of the different rounds, periodically. You will be told how long each round lasts (One, Four and Five will be three weeks, all others will be two weeks). Each round we will play a different rulebook scenario, spiced up by the special rules of whichever island you’re on!

If you need to sign up, you can do so HERE

Round results can be submitted HERE

Round 2

In Round 2 we will be playing Scavanger Hunt, and the round will end on January 5th. Remember- this is a fast round. Get your games in quickly!