Ando: A teensy rules leak...


Ando: A teensy rules leak...

Posted by mertaal ,2nd Oct 2017
Ando: A teensy rules leak...

Recently on our Facebook Page we asked the community which of our exciting new releases they were most looking forward to. Although the Troodon gave him a run for his money, the clear winner was the new addition to the Artefacters: Ando!

Now, although I’m not at liberty to say all too much, the rules hyper-brain has given me permission to say a few choice things about Ando! First though, lets hear a little about him as a person.

A Little Background

Dverg are sometimes unfairly characterised as gruff and uncompromising. In Ando’s case though, the characterisation is entirely justified. As arrogant as Nix, as misanthropic as Corian, Ando trusts one person and one person only: himself. Years in the wilds, hunting big game, has taught him that there’s only one person you can truly rely on, and indeed, with that sort of attitude it becomes something of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Ando has a rather high opinion of himself, and his abilities. Not surprising for a person who’s famed throughout the Five Lakes District for taking out a mating pair of Allosors ‘in-flagrante’, and single handedly downing a giant mantis by decapitating it while swinging from a vine.

Usually to be found sharpening his infamous ‘dino-chopper’, a short handled meat cleaver he wears strung across his back, Ando smokes, swears and boasts with equal enthusiasm. He considers himself something of an ambush hunter. Guns, in his own terminology are “easy mode”. He prefers to leap on his prey from above, or failing that, drag them towards him with a black powder launched grappling hook! When the prey is bigger than he is this typically results in the opposite, and tales are told of his zipping up towards a towering therapod who he has “grappled” only to slash its jugular before it snaps him up in a single bite.

The Rules

Following the general style of the Artefacters, Ando is a mobile character who (due to his grappling gun) is an excellent climber. He isn’t as fast or agile as most artefacters, but he makes up for this with extreme damage in Close Combat, and a very interesting ability related to his grappling gun (which I won’t say too much about just now ;).

However, for the curious, here is a breakdown of both his weapon profiles… The grappling gun is very short range isn’t it? However, this might be an indication it’s scarily effective!

And below, the painted model, by the talented Mr Angel Giraldez ;).

Will you be picking this little chap up? What sort of ability do you think the “Grapple” special rule might be?!