Mercenaries and Hired Guns: Who are the Wayfarers?


Mercenaries and Hired Guns: Who are the Wayfarers?

Posted by mertaal ,12th Apr 2017
Mercenaries and Hired Guns: Who are the Wayfarers?

Who are the Wayfarers?

Rogues, misfits and wanderers, the Wayfarers are a loose alliance of mercenaries and guns for hire united by nothing more than a mysterious benefactor who sends them contracts from the shadows…

The Weaver, as the mysterious figure is known, controls from the shadows issuing orders and payments through various clandestine means, always untraceable. Who he or she might truly be is a subject of speculation even amongst the Wayfarers themselves, but the few who have gone looking have disappeared just as definitively. Nobody knows their fate, but it is considered unwise to delve too deeply in to the affairs of The Weaver.

Wayfarers are allow d some freedom to specify the kinds of jobs they will take, and the kinds of people they will work for. The Weaver takes such niceties in to consideration when selecting an agent for a particular job, although refusing a job once it has been given is not tolerated.
Thus the Wayfarers have no unified code of behaviour, shared moral principles or unifying ideology. This can cause issue
s when requested to work as a team, which happens often.

Purpose in the game

Mercenaries in name and practice, the Wayfarers can be used alone, or with other crews to fill gaps or bring tactical choices to the table.

As a crew in their own right the Wayfarers are a varied bunch who’s individual character is quite different from one another. Therefore, as you would expect of a mercenary faction, they do not have a unique play style but are a versatile toolkit.

Each model brings tactics to the table which are lacking in other factions, while they compliment other factions by adding more of the same.

  • For example, you might wish to take Grayze with the Bondsmen in order to provide a fast and agile objective grabber who has access to smoke: something the Bondsmen lack.
  • Alternatively take her in the Artifacters in tandem with Ana, to double down on the smoke they already have, and use her speed and agility to keep up with the fastest faction in the game!
  • Kalhana is a useful firing platform, lacking in agility but providing the sort of long range which compliments the Militia’s existing play style. However, you might want to take him with The Firm, alongside Papa Venk, to ensure that the usually middle of the road Firm dominate the board at range.

So as you can see there are lots of different ways to use the Wayfarers. They form a useful resource for any TDE player who might have an awkward points gap to fill in a list, or simply to try out and experiment with different combinations of models and tactics. Of course the option is always there to play them “pure”, which confers certain benefits, since Wishbone, the Wayfarer’s leader has a “hired” and “leader” version. The Leader version has a special rule which applies to all other Wayfarer models, but only if he is the leader of a pure Wayfarers crew!

In the next blog article we will have a look at a few specific profiles, and investigate some of the tactical possibilities the Wayfarers open up for the other four factions.