Winter Campaign 2020: The Final Round!


Winter Campaign 2020: The Final Round!

Posted by James Baldwin ,22nd Feb 2020
Winter Campaign 2020: The Final Round!

Round 4 is over, and the P.O.T.C.H device has been found!

Well, what an exciting penultimate round- Despite The Firm searching 41.5% of the island, compared to The Militia's 29%, those Skyton scallywags uncovered the lost treasure- X did mark the spot, and now they're on their merry way back to Tartouf to claim their prize! Congratulations to the Militia!

If you'd like to see the actual draw process, and a bit more of an explanation of Round 4, you can find the video here: 

Round 5!

But it's not over yet! Now, all other factions have a chance to steal it back! How can you stop The Militia from acheiving their aim? Intercept them, by beating them in Round 5. How can you steal the device? Win as many games as possible!!! 

Ok, so, lets break down how this works. First of all, as the winners of Round 4, The Militia will face a number of tough fights on their way to the coast, and ultimately, escape. In order to make it off the island they will need to win a certain percentage of their Round 5 games. This percentage is based on their performance over the course of the campaign up until this point. 

Similarly, if the Militia are stopped, every other faction's chance of grabbing the device will be determined by their performance over the course of the campaign so far. 

In Round 5, we will be playing Couriers: Thematically appropriate, right?! :D

Lets talk numbers

Everyone's favourite part! No? Ok, I'll make it brief, and state it plain!

In order to escape the island, The Militia will need to achieve a 37% win/loss ratio in Round 5. 

Should they fail to escape each faction, in order of their performance rating so far, will have a chance to steal it! 

  • If the Militia are intercepted, The Firm will have to achieve a 21% win/loss ratio in Round 5 (very low, because their performance so far has been excellent!). 
  • Should the Firm fail, The Artefacters are next in line, but will need a 44% win/loss. 
  • Then it goes to the Wayfarers, needing 48%. 
  • Finally, if the Wayfarers fail, the Bondsmen will have a chance, needing 48%. 

In the unlikely event that everyone fails, the winner of the campaign will default to the best win/loss ratio of Round 5.

Results Submission

Well, I'm about 5 days late with this report, so we're going to extent the round to March 14th. That gives you three weeks, and as always, RESULTS SUBMISSION CAN BE FOUND HERE.