New Releases: Ando the Dino-Hunting Artefacter!!


New Releases: Ando the Dino-Hunting Artefacter!!

Posted by mertaal ,29th Aug 2017
New Releases: Ando the Dino-Hunting Artefacter!!

New Artefacter: Ando!

Dino-hunting is a tough business, but Ando the Artefacter is certainly the Dverg for the job! Ando started life a Dverg for hire, but now works exclusively with the Artefacters. More often than not that means Nix and crew, helping to guard their dig sites against some of Ulaya’s most terrifying predators.

Ando sees himself as a gruff, no-nonsense kind of guy. Everyone else sees him as a boastful gasbag who never tires of telling the same old stories. However, nobody can deny his effectiveness. Ando thinks nothing of facing down an Allosor or jumping in to a Raptor Nest with nothing but his trusty Dino-Chopper and a prayer.

Ando In Game

His favourite tactic is to launch himself high in to the trees using a gunpowder launched grappling gun, and fall on his prey from above. Armed with a large meat cleaver, Ando likes to get the job done close and personal!

In game he is lots of fun to play. A special skill: “Grapple” allows him to pull his enemies towards him. Or if they are bigger than he is, launch himself towards them! Ando brings some sorely needed Close Combat expertise to the Artefacters without sacrificing their signature agility. However, he doesn’t much like taking orders from “a firey slip of a girl”, or anyone, actually! Thus he will only take so much instruction. He isn’t quite as much of a team player as some of the other Artefacters.

Equally, he has very little ranged ability. His grappling gun does some damage, but only at very close range. Nonetheless, with a Close Combat ability that would rival most Bondsmen, Ando adds some sorely needed flexibility to the Artefacter crew.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Render. Ando will be available for the Artefacter Crew in the third quarter of 2018!